Top Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to open an account to register a domain?

TLD Manager is a domain name "portfolio" management company.

If all I need is one domain, can I open an account?

There is no minimum or maximum number of domains for an account.

I want to register a domain, but I am not a business. Can I still use your service?

We serve both individual and business customers.

I have a domain registered with another service. Can I move it to TLD Manager, Inc.?

If you see the top level domain on our pricing list then YES you can transfer the domain.

I own two businesses each with their own domain name. Do I need two accounts?

Each account starts with one portfolio. You can add additional portfolio's at any time.
You can create a portfolio for each business resulting in easier domain management.

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Customer service is available to you in a number of ways. You may call, email, fill the response form, or open a ticket for our Associates to follow-up with. We are always looking to find ways to serve you better. Feel free to send us feedback on how we are doing at any time - We love to hear from you.

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